Inspire Me Thursday: “Fold”

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Paper Weaving Bookmark

Paper Weaving Bookmark

The challenge theme for Thursday February 5, 2009 over at Inspire Me Thursday is “Fold”. These bookmarks are also for a swap over at Swap-bot. They are made from scrapbooking paper backed with gold tissue paper by gluing it on with matte medium. Then I pressed the paper in a big old dictionary I use for collage. I used a free template over at book artist/calligrapher Cheryl Moote’s site for the cutting and folding. The tips of the triangles are glued down with more matte medium. The idea is similar to one found in Paper Folding Fun by Robert Harbin published in 1961 by Branford. It’s probably out of print.


Soul Journaling II Prompt 2: Permission Slip

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Permission Slip

Soul Journaling II, Prompt 2: Permission Slip

(Click images for a larger view) I love backgrounds! I color copied a basket lid and glued it down with matte medium then gessoed the page around it leaving some of the image exposed. I let that dry while I straightened up my studio space after Christmas gift making madness. I mixed some craft acrylic with the matte medium, to give it a satin finish, and slathered that around the page again leaving some of the image and gesso exposed. I quickly wiped it down with a paper towel. I prefer to use a baby wipe but must have run out! I made an envelope with scrapbooking paper from a template at Mirkwood Designs, clipped the corners that showed with a punch and glued it down with matte medium. (I use matte medium for everything!) Then I let the whole thing dry some before I wrote “I give myself permission…”. I pressed the journal under some dictionaries overnight. I resisted the urge to add anything else. Less is more.

Permission Slip, Card Front

Soul Journaling II, Prompt 2: Permission Slip, Card Front

For the card front I ripped some more of the scrapbooking paper and glued it with matte medium on to blue mat board slightly smaller than the envelope (this is important!). Then I sealed it with more matte medium and trimmed it with an craft knife. I didn’t want to gesso or paint over it because I chose a mat board that contrasted with the paper and I wanted to leave well enough alone.

Permission Slip, Card Back

Soul Journaling II, Prompt 2: Permission Slip, Card Back

For the card back I gessoed the mat board, let it dry, and aged it a bit. I did the writing with a black gel pen and stamped the date. I love old school date stamps, you can still get them at Staples.

The Soul Journaling II prompts by Collage Diva.

Soul Journaling II Prompt 1: Instant Gratification

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Soul Journaling II Prompt 1

Soul Journaling II Prompt 1

This is a continuation of Sarah Whitmire’s Soul Journaling through a relatively new Yahoo Group. This is the first prompt… I started at the beginning so I’m already way behind! All that was needed for this prompt was one picture and some very basic art stuff. My studio is elsewhere so all I had at home was office supplies! I didn’t even have any glue! I taped down my picture. For the stencils I cut out some block letters. The smudging I did with a black ink pad and a cotton cosmetic pad. I did have a black gel pen and some fine line Sharpies or it would have been very plain indeed using only a black ballpoint pen! It was fun to see how much you could do with so few materials! You can find the full instructions for all the prompts at Collage Diva’s Soul Journal blog

Soul Journaling Days 3 and 4: Soul Armor

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Soul Armor

Soul Journaling Days 3 and 4: Soul Armor

Soul Journaling Days 3 and 4 over at Caspiana was about creating our own “Soul Armor” to protect ourselves from “our critics both from the “inside” and the “outside””. To illustrate the theme she suggested using a Medieval suit of armor from a clip art site and filling it with words and phrases. I used this armor from a Dover Medieval Illustration CD I have.

A Knight from the Dover Medival Illustration CD

A Knight from the Dover Medival Illustration CD

I cut out the image and glued it on the page with matte medium. I used Gesso to paint over a small area on the chest and then let the whole thing dry overnight. I tinted it with watercolor and used acrylics to make that blue mass representing creative spirit and the top of the hill the knight is standing on. (Or if you want, look at it as a tiny planet like in The Little Prince.) When I got done it looked like it was sitting on top of the page rather than being part of it. Originally I was going to use black acrylic and give it a solid matte background then I realized the knight would still be on the surface of the page so I watercolored the background and stamped silver stars. This gave it the depth it needed. Then I did the words in calligraphy: Open Mind, Creative Spirit, Perseverence, Community. I made a few mistakes and covered them up but I was pleased with the overall effect of the page when I got done.

Soul Journaling Day 2

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Soul Journaling Day 2

Soul Journaling Day 2

I could not bear to go over my Day 1 page with gesso so I layered a new page with black and white scrapbooking paper left from a bookbinding project. (One of my favorite projects so the paper “means” something to me, for what that’s worth. I do not scrapbook. Yuck.) I really did have the forsight to leave a blank first page to do some kind of title page much later. Then I gessoed that and wiped the excess with toilet paper. Yes, toilet paper. I was too lazy to go downstairs to the kitchen and get a paper towel. I also didn’t want to use a baby wipe because that would take too much gesso off. I let that dry overnight and of course the page curled. So I pressed the journal under the two heavy dictionaries I bought from a Goodwill store just to use for collage. When I got home from work it was now a flat page so I doodled a color border and stamped “this journal belongs to” in black. Then I did my first name in red Italic calligraphy. It was off center, kind of like me, so I stamped a black heart. I would say that represents me fair enough. I stamped a calligraphy style flourish at the bottom of the page and called it good. I know we were supposed to use our full name and then fill the whole page with our name in various styles… but you know… I liked it exactly the way it was. No more and no less. And yet again I forgot to date it so I did so after the scan.

Soul Journaling Day 1

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I turn 50 a month from tomorrow and I am getting a jump on reinventing myself. You can’t do it all in one day. It takes time! An ambitious task but I have already lost 20 pounds and am maintaining a tanning salon tan. Next up I’m trying to get enough courage to go apartment hunting. Shush! That’s a secret! That’s why it’s a secret journal!

Soul Journaling Day 1

Soul Journaling Day 1

But I digress… this blog is about the little bits of artwork I do, also in secret, to keep my sanity as a fishmonger. All artwork will be based on prompts from blogs that feature art challenges. This first piece is Day 1 in a Soul Journaling series at Caspiana. It is a simple collage of only dictionary pages. They are glued down and sealed with Matte Medium. This makes absorbant paper easier to write on.  We were supposed to do 3 pages but my journal format is large so I only did one page. I’m not one for following rules. The writing prompt was ” Today I feel…” and if applicable use words and phrases from the dictionary pages themselves. I didn’t do anything extra, just used a few Sharpies to write with. I like the over all visual appeal and it came out looking like I spent more time than I did. I noticed after I scanned the page I forgot to date it, so I went back and did that by hand. I want to get a good old fashioned date stamp. I hope they still have such a thing at Staples or Wally World.