Soul Journaling Day 1

I turn 50 a month from tomorrow and I am getting a jump on reinventing myself. You can’t do it all in one day. It takes time! An ambitious task but I have already lost 20 pounds and am maintaining a tanning salon tan. Next up I’m trying to get enough courage to go apartment hunting. Shush! That’s a secret! That’s why it’s a secret journal!

Soul Journaling Day 1

Soul Journaling Day 1

But I digress… this blog is about the little bits of artwork I do, also in secret, to keep my sanity as a fishmonger. All artwork will be based on prompts from blogs that feature art challenges. This first piece is Day 1 in a Soul Journaling series at Caspiana. It is a simple collage of only dictionary pages. They are glued down and sealed with Matte Medium. This makes absorbant paper easier to write on.  We were supposed to do 3 pages but my journal format is large so I only did one page. I’m not one for following rules. The writing prompt was ” Today I feel…” and if applicable use words and phrases from the dictionary pages themselves. I didn’t do anything extra, just used a few Sharpies to write with. I like the over all visual appeal and it came out looking like I spent more time than I did. I noticed after I scanned the page I forgot to date it, so I went back and did that by hand. I want to get a good old fashioned date stamp. I hope they still have such a thing at Staples or Wally World.


~ by asecretjournal on August 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Soul Journaling Day 1”

  1. I have found the Soul Journal journey liberating and challenging. I hope you get as much out of it as I have. Enjoy turning 50 soon.

  2. Thanks for letting us in on your secret journal! I too, am just starting a Soul Journal, and am just now getting ready to move on to Day 2. This looks like so much fun, and I’m looking forward to following your work through, as well!

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