Soul Journaling Day 2

Soul Journaling Day 2

Soul Journaling Day 2

I could not bear to go over my Day 1 page with gesso so I layered a new page with black and white scrapbooking paper left from a bookbinding project. (One of my favorite projects so the paper “means” something to me, for what that’s worth. I do not scrapbook. Yuck.) I really did have the forsight to leave a blank first page to do some kind of title page much later. Then I gessoed that and wiped the excess with toilet paper. Yes, toilet paper. I was too lazy to go downstairs to the kitchen and get a paper towel. I also didn’t want to use a baby wipe because that would take too much gesso off. I let that dry overnight and of course the page curled. So I pressed the journal under the two heavy dictionaries I bought from a Goodwill store just to use for collage. When I got home from work it was now a flat page so I doodled a color border and stamped “this journal belongs to” in black. Then I did my first name in red Italic calligraphy. It was off center, kind of like me, so I stamped a black heart. I would say that represents me fair enough. I stamped a calligraphy style flourish at the bottom of the page and called it good. I know we were supposed to use our full name and then fill the whole page with our name in various styles… but you know… I liked it exactly the way it was. No more and no less. And yet again I forgot to date it so I did so after the scan.


~ by asecretjournal on August 19, 2008.

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