Soul Journaling II Prompt 1: Instant Gratification

Soul Journaling II Prompt 1

Soul Journaling II Prompt 1

This is a continuation of Sarah Whitmire’s Soul Journaling through a relatively new Yahoo Group. This is the first prompt… I started at the beginning so I’m already way behind! All that was needed for this prompt was one picture and some very basic art stuff. My studio is elsewhere so all I had at home was office supplies! I didn’t even have any glue! I taped down my picture. For the stencils I cut out some block letters. The smudging I did with a black ink pad and a cotton cosmetic pad. I did have a black gel pen and some fine line Sharpies or it would have been very plain indeed using only a black ballpoint pen! It was fun to see how much you could do with so few materials! You can find the full instructions for all the prompts at Collage Diva’s Soul Journal blog


~ by asecretjournal on December 28, 2008.

8 Responses to “Soul Journaling II Prompt 1: Instant Gratification”

  1. Wow with limited supplies it looks great.

  2. great work.
    lots of love from susan in australia

  3. This looks great. I too think it is good to unplug. I believe that these prompts can be done in any order. It is YOUR soul journal, so do what moves you. I started with Sarah W’s prompts and I have a couple of those that I have gone back and worked on/added to. It’s a fun journey!

  4. I love your page! Don’t worry about being “behind” – we all work at our own pace and you are right where you need to be. I firmly believe that we all find the path when we need to.

  5. I love your page. That’s exactly what I need to do…unplug. So hard to do sometimes.

    Good job.

  6. Welcome to the group! I was definitely unplugged quite a bit during the holidays. At one point I thought my creativity train was coming to a stop but it just needed a break! Now it is running in full force.

  7. love the improvisation. this is a great page. unplug and enjoy simplicity for a while.

  8. You’re exactly right…I NEED to unplug. Great journal page; I love it!!!
    smile. be free. have fun.
    Peace & Love,

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