Soul Journaling II Prompt 2: Permission Slip

Permission Slip

Soul Journaling II, Prompt 2: Permission Slip

(Click images for a larger view) I love backgrounds! I color copied a basket lid and glued it down with matte medium then gessoed the page around it leaving some of the image exposed. I let that dry while I straightened up my studio space after Christmas gift making madness. I mixed some craft acrylic with the matte medium, to give it a satin finish, and slathered that around the page again leaving some of the image and gesso exposed. I quickly wiped it down with a paper towel. I prefer to use a baby wipe but must have run out! I made an envelope with scrapbooking paper from a template at Mirkwood Designs, clipped the corners that showed with a punch and glued it down with matte medium. (I use matte medium for everything!) Then I let the whole thing dry some before I wrote “I give myself permission…”. I pressed the journal under some dictionaries overnight. I resisted the urge to add anything else. Less is more.

Permission Slip, Card Front

Soul Journaling II, Prompt 2: Permission Slip, Card Front

For the card front I ripped some more of the scrapbooking paper and glued it with matte medium on to blue mat board slightly smaller than the envelope (this is important!). Then I sealed it with more matte medium and trimmed it with an craft knife. I didn’t want to gesso or paint over it because I chose a mat board that contrasted with the paper and I wanted to leave well enough alone.

Permission Slip, Card Back

Soul Journaling II, Prompt 2: Permission Slip, Card Back

For the card back I gessoed the mat board, let it dry, and aged it a bit. I did the writing with a black gel pen and stamped the date. I love old school date stamps, you can still get them at Staples.

The Soul Journaling II prompts by Collage Diva.


~ by asecretjournal on December 31, 2008.

4 Responses to “Soul Journaling II Prompt 2: Permission Slip”

  1. Fantastic. Like a work of art. Love the torn papers of the contrasting color. Nice and well done!

  2. Beautiful background and permission slip

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous. I love the colors, textures, type. I can’t wait to see what you do with the other prompts! Well done. Yeah!

  4. I love the colors! Beautiful work.

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